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Piano Lesson in Melbourne



欢迎来到我们的钢琴课程,从 4 岁到成人的所有年龄段的学生都可以踏上音乐之旅。我们的课程由专业讲师指导,营造轻松愉快的氛围,确保无缝的学习体验。我们非常重视打下坚实的基础,使学生掌握钢琴演奏的基础知识。

我们的课程旨在满足各种音乐愿望,包括考试准备。无论是 AMEB、ABRSM 还是 Trinity 考试,我们都会提供专家指导和支持,帮助学生取得优异成绩。此外,我们很自豪能够指导学生参加国际比赛和各种音乐活动,促进他们的成长和对音乐世界的信心。





What to Expect from Our Piano Lessons in Melbourne

In addition to the comprehensive overview provided above, our Piano Lessons in Melbourne offer a rich and diverse curriculum aimed at nurturing well-rounded musicians. Throughout your musical journey with us, you can expect to delve into a wide range of areas, including:

  • Note Reading: Master the art of reading musical notation, from basic melodies to complex compositions.

  • Scales: Explore the foundational scales that underpin music theory and enhance finger agility and coordination.

  • Chords: Dive into the world of harmony and chord progressions, unlocking the secrets to creating beautiful and harmonious music.

  • Piano Technique: Develop proper hand positioning, posture, and finger technique to achieve fluidity and expressiveness in your playing.

  • Efficient Practice: Learn effective practice strategies to maximize your progress and make the most of your practice sessions.

  • Ear Training: Sharpen your listening skills and train your ear to recognize musical elements and patterns.

  • Rhythm: Explore the rhythmic intricacies of music, from basic time signatures to syncopated rhythms.

  • Memory Training: Strengthen your memory and recall abilities through exercises designed to solidify musical passages and pieces.

  • Music Theory: Deepen your understanding of music theory concepts, including harmony, melody, form, and structure.

  • Performance Skills: Cultivate confidence and stage presence through performance opportunities and coaching, preparing you to shine on stage.


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