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Meet Meng, a passionate piano teacher with a lifelong devotion to music. Her musical journey began at the tender age of 5 when she embarked on her piano learning adventure. Under the guidance of Professor Zhou You, a renowned pianist and educator at Hebei Normal University , Meng laid the foundation for her musical prowess.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Meng then joined the esteemed tutelage of Professor Ma Xiaohong, the Piano Department Chair at Capital Normal University. With unwavering determination, she delved deeper into the world of piano playing, honing her skills and expanding her knowledge.

Meng eventually found herself in Melbourne, where she embraced a new chapter in her musical expedition. At the University of Melbourne's School of Music, she completed her Master's degree in Performance Teaching, a testament to her dedication and commitment to her craft.

During her time at the University, Meng was fortunate to be mentored by the illustrious Professor Elizabeth Mitchell. This invaluable experience allowed her to refine her teaching techniques, enabling her to connect with her students on a profound level and inspire them to achieve their full potential.

Teacher Name: ​Meng
Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin

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