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Music theory is an integral cornerstone of instrumental learning. Mastering music theory is not only instrumental in effortlessly deciphering musical notation but also in confidently selecting pieces without the fear of getting lost in unfamiliar scores. Equally important, a solid foundation in music theory enhances your ability to seamlessly harmonize with other instruments during ensemble performances

Our music theory lessons are tailored for students of all ages engaged in learning a musical instrument. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, delving into the realm of music theory will undoubtedly deepen your musical understanding and skills. We offer comprehensive guidance for various music theory exams, including AMEB and ABRSM, ensuring your journey culminates in a satisfying level of music theory proficiency.

Our music theory courses extend beyond one-on-one private sessions; we also provide the option for small group classes. Join us to unlock the language of music, empowering yourself with a comprehensive foundation that enhances your musical prowess and enriches your overall musical experience.

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