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Violin Lesson in Melbourne

Man Playing Violin


Welcome to our violin lessons in Melbourne, where students of all ages, from 5-year-olds to adults, are invited to embark on a melodic journey. We recommend starting violin lessons around 5-6 years old, but with the teacher's approval, even younger beginners are welcome. Our dedicated instructors create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring a solid foundation for every student.

Our violin curriculum encompasses a comprehensive approach, allowing students to excel in various aspects of their musical journey. We offer guidance for exam preparations, whether it's AMEB, ABRSM, or Trinity exams, and we take pride in nurturing students to participate in international competitions and a diverse range of musical events. Additionally, we offer opportunities for students to join string ensembles or orchestras, enhancing their musical experience.

Our violin teachers are not only passionate educators but also enthusiastic about sharing their love for the instrument. Beyond imparting essential knowledge, techniques, and theory, they also incorporate your favorite tunes into your lessons, ensuring an engaging and personalized learning experience.

1 on 1 private lessons 

Things You'll Learn in Beginner Violin Lessons:

  1. Choosing the right violin.

  2. Proper violinist posture.

  3. Holding the bow and the violin.

  4. Understanding the main parts of the violin.

  5. How to care for your violin.

  6. Memorizing beginner bowing techniques.

  7. Reading music and learning basic music theory.

  8. Building a strong foundation.

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