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Esther Peng started learning piano at the age of 6 under the tutelage of Mr. Huang Renge, the director of the Piano Department of Central China Normal University. She pursued her undergraduate studies at the Department of Music Education of Xi'an Conservatory of Music and continued her piano studies with Associate Professor Li Jia.

During her undergraduate studies, Esther participated in a master class by Futaba Inoue at Tokyo University of the Arts, where she experienced first-hand the importance Japan places on piano education. After completing her bachelor's degree, she was employed to oversee the children's piano grading examination at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music and to organize and promote music events in central China.


Esther later pursued a major in piano performance under the guidance of Prof. Robert Constable and David Guerin (a student of Aloys Kontarsky) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. After a year, she transferred to Monash University to study the history of music and the development of the art industry in the 19th century, and graduated with a master's degree in cultural economics. Currently, she is conducting her PhD research on the music industry at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Teacher Name: ​Esther Peng
Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin

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