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Jiawen Ling, Guzheng teacher, Master degree in Finance graduated from University of Melbourne. 
Ling has been learning the instrument since the young age of 7, taught by professor Yao Qi who is a famous guzheng player, educator and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. 
Teaching philosophy: In essence, the purpose of music education is to help people to improve their music aesthetics, develop concentration and endurance. Ling’s teaching will focus on technique training and cultivate children’s musical expressiveness. She is patient and has a strong sense of responsibility. 


Ling taught in Shanghai Pudong New Area Youth Activity Center, Pudong New Area Second Central Primary School and Ping’s Music School in last few years. She teaches students of all ages, from children to adults, and will draw up different teaching plans according to their different age groups. She will maintain positive communication with students and their parents, develop children’s good habits of practicing and ensure the progress of guzheng learning. 

Teacher Name: ​Jiawen
Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin

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