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Vivian began her piano journey at the age of 6 and has been playing for over thirty years. At the age of 14, she passed the Central Conservatory of Music Level 10 Examination and went on to study under Professor Ma Hui of the Central Conservatory of Music for many years.

With her mother being a choir lecturer, Vivian gained ample accompaniment experience by accompanying the choir throughout the year. She has previously worked as a piano and music theory teacher at Zhongcheng Music School and has accumulated rich teaching experience. Since moving to Melbourne, she has continued her studies with pianist Lin Enpei, a piano teacher in the Music Department of the University of Melbourne.

With years of teaching experience and experience with grade examinations both locally and internationally, Vivian emphasizes building a strong foundation and enables her students to develop solid fundamental skills. 

Teacher Name: ​Vivian
Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin

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